Parts + Service

Allison Transmissions is the world leader in commercial duty transmissions, we strive to deliver top quality, reliability, and vocational value for our products and services.

At ABC Transmissions Ltd., the same quality, reliability and value go in to all aspects of our business.  This goes past the initial sale right through into servicing the products through our parts and service departments.

Our dedicated staff at ABC Transmission are trained and knowledgeable in all areas to provide support to the customers where needed whether it be for the initial sale, in a rebuild or a repair, we have the experience necessary to meet all your needs.

As the world leader in fully automatic transmissions, ABC Transmissions offers customers trained technicians at our Dealer location to service and care for your Allison transmission.

ABC Transmission not only guarantees a reliable product – we promise a reliable group of people committed to caring for and maintaining your Allison transmission.

Allison Genuine Parts™ are engineered specifically for your Allison transmission using state-of-the-art technology unique to our company. Non-genuine manufacturers attempt to reverse-engineer Allison parts—meaning they are designed without our standards, specifications, manufacturing processes and expertise. Inferior parts can lead to downtime, unnecessary costs and premature breakdowns. And because non-genuine parts do not meet Allison standards and specifications, they can lead to installation issues and future breakdowns of associated parts. Non-genuine parts do not offer the same quality, reliability and expertise of Allison Genuine Parts™.